Evaluation of Clubs within the Club Development Programme


The evaluation had an overall score of average. The strongest area was project management during the planning and implementation phase. However, project management in the report phase fared poorly. Another weak area in the evaluation was adherence to ethical principles, especially in terms of protection of confidentiality of the participants. This was demonstrated by presence of staff from the Department during evaluation field visits and use of names of evaluation participants in the report. Intervention logic and theory of change were also not applied at any stage of this evaluation.
While it is clear that a lot of effort went into the analysis of data and its presentation e.g. through use of figures, the figures were inconsistent with data reporting conventions. Therefore, the standard of presentation of data is an area that needs improvement.
Given that there are not many evaluations in the area of sports in development, this is likely to have symbolic value for policy and programming nationally. This evaluation would help to understand the role of sports clubs and their functioning in development of sports and using sports for development. A reflection on the strengths and opportunities of the evaluation by the stakeholders from the Western Cape Department of Cultural Affairs and Sports would help achieve this goal.


Evaluation Number:
Report Approval:
Friday, 15 March 2013
Monday, 03 February 2014
Initiated By:
Western Cape Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport
Undertaken By:
Sakaza Communications
Evaluation Period:
18 December 2012 to 15 March 2013
Evaluation Area:
Social development, social security & assistance
National Outcome:
National Outcome 12: An efficient, effective and development oriented public service and an empowered, fair and inclusive citizenship.
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Evaluation Type:
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Evaluation Documents

File Name
Club Development 2012.pdf
Evaluation of Clubs within the Club Development Programme.pdf

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