Welcome to DPME Evaluations


When Cabinet approved the National Evaluation Policy Framework in November 2011, they also approved that DPME should get copies of all government evaluations, and that these should be made public if there are no security concerns.

DPME undertook an audit in 2011 to find evaluations undertaken since 2006. These were not necessarily called evaluations – some are called reviews, etc and then those that were research or audits etc were removed leading to a final 83 evaluations. A quality assessment tool was developed (available here) using DPME’s evaluation standards (available here) and applied to all 83 evaluations. 13 failed to get the requisite score of 3. All 83 evaluations are included in this Repository, but the 13 where quality is adequate the documents are not included as they are suspect. As other evaluations are completed under the National Evaluation Plan they will also be quality assessed and included here, as will other departmental evaluations. The report on the quality assessment is available here.

Each new evaluation includes the set of key documents from TORs, evaluation reports through to the management response from the department, and progress reports. DPME is making available these evaluations public so that they can assist with policy- and decision-making, as well as enhancing accountability. For details on the system or any suggestions please contact Mark Everett at  mark@dpme.gov.za.