Evaluation of Budget Support in South Africa


This is an exceptionally good quality evaluation, scoring 4.02 using the assessment tool. In terms of the phases of the evaluation, the planning and design of the project was particularly strong (4.25) and is partly the result of years of ongoing work by the OECD - Development Assistance Committee. The methodology deployed in the evaluation was appropriate to the study and while being ambitious, was well executed, despite significant challenges. The evaluation report was also strong (4.02). The main report was well structured and followed a clear logic. The objectives of the study translated well into research questions, which in turn structured the analysis. The findings, conclusions and recommendations were all well articulated and well supported by evidence. The conclusions were all cross referenced to the research questions, and the recommendations similarly cross referenced to the conclusions, making for a highly coherent and compelling report. The evaluation was conducted on time and on budget and was particularly well resourced from a skills point of view.

In terms of Overarching Considerations, the evaluation was particularly strong in terms of a partnership approach and consultation. Consultation was robust during all phases of the evaluation resulting in a score of 4.44. Related to this, coordination and alignment was also a strong feature with a score of 4.13.
Quality control was also robust at 4.11. The one area where the evaluation did not score well was in terms of capacity development, but it was not the objective of the project to play this role.
This is an important study as it provides a strong rationale for the continuation of budget support activities in South Africa, and as such has important implications for implementing departments and
National Treasury.


Evaluation Number:
Report Approval:
Monday, 30 September 2013
Tuesday, 04 February 2014
Initiated By:
European Commission
Undertaken By:
Evaluation Period:
Evaluation Area:
Economic planning and development
Public service, governance, M&E
Public finance, financial management
National Outcome:
National Outcome 4: Decent employment through inclusive economic growth.
National Outcome 12: An efficient, effective and development oriented public service and an empowered, fair and inclusive citizenship.
Commissioned By:
Other (European Commission)
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Evaluation Documents

File Name
Evaluation of Budget Support in South Africa 418.pdf
Evaluation of Budget Support Volume 1.pdf

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