Evaluation of the effectiveness and efficiency of Western Cape Archives and Records Service publicity and marketing


The purpose of the evaluation was to assess the
effectiveness and efficiency of the WCA&RS publicity and marketing
processes, inclusive of the National Archives Week, in providing equitable
access to the records in its custody, as well as to promote the use of archival records and heritage.


Evaluation Number:
Report Approval:
Friday, 18 May 2012
Friday, 20 May 2016
Initiated By:
Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport
Undertaken By:
Sakaza Communications(Pty) Ltd.
Evaluation Period:
Phase 1 Dec '11-March '12; Phase 2 May-June '12
Evaluation Area:
Cultural affairs, records and archives
National Outcome:
National Outcome 1: Improved quality of basic education.
Commissioned By:
Evaluation Type:
Evaluation Subject:
Geographic Scope:

Evaluation Documents

File Name
415 Evaluation of the Effectiveness and Efficiency of WC Archives and Records 415.pdf

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